Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Naked. literally.

I'd like to be free
no clothes to bother me
wild in the wind
no one knows i have sinned
leaping and spinning
from tortures unknown
i'm running i'm winning
no longer alone

naked and soaring
fresh green and daring
ill camp in the woods
no if whats or coulds
sleep through one day
then worship the moon
then through night i will lay
then pray to the afternoon


one day i will live
with but all i am give
at one with the earth
clothed as at birth
at one with my soul
with my skin and the fire
no unfulfilled hole
no wasted desire.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Deep breath in. fill those lungs.
Head held high. Back stand straight.
Release the stress. breath out real slow.
Crumple up and sigh.
Memory lane. the good old days.
A song to sing along. floods back.
A photo bad. so bad you cringe.
memories make me sigh.
One more day. two more hours.
To endure. one last exam.
Summer creeps. closer to me.
think sunshine soothing sighs.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Fading away

Second by second the hands move round
minuite by minuite my eyes move down
cant stand the silence in a sea of sound
submit to the chains with which i am bound.

The sun gleams early to rouse my yawns
yet leaves forconflict with the moon
As do the stars give in to dawn
my eyes still blink forlorn

Each day that passes without permission
takes one more a piece of mine
slowly i feel without posession
im giving in to my submission

And with each ray to wake my soul
comes great pain to see me fall
i fade away, was never whole
im broken standing behind this wall.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

im living a life

Hello you, a well known fiend,
i welcome your presence
with open arms
embrace your presence
with no alarm
i understand your ways and thoughts
i see each clock
turn and tick
yet take it lieing down
each punch each kick.

i known the future.

as clear as the sun beams.
as predictable as the rising moon and falling stars.
ill walk into that black hole of doom
frozen and shattered to death.

yet each time i await my destiny with open arms
a warm breeze stops the
inevitable, my clogs un-popped.
i live a death. where i cant stand no more.

speech has escaped me.
sounds have clogged my ears.
and the sights i see no longer give pleasure.

i have lived a life for so long in silence
that no i feel is the time to speak up.
LOUDER than before.
someone must hear me ?
are they too wrapped up in their own lives that they dont understand
they dont understand how im feeling at the moment and im
screaming in despair
wont someone ask me in all honesty
if the feelings i am showing is the story of my heart??

should they not uinderstand this by now??

no one.. NOT NO ONE. knows the extent of the pain i am forced to with hold.
like on a phone where the caller wont pick up
i am living a life on hold. God just wont let me go.
let my body seize and my soul float to salvation.

em pleh ,esaelp.
ksa i lla s'ti.