Saturday, 19 February 2011

Angry Day

Today is an ANGRY DAY!
I woke up to a headache. I pop a pill, after i drink a coffee.

Does it solve the headache? You betcha it DONT!
Oh ANGRY DAY please just go away?

I went back to sleep on this ANGRY DAY
hoping that new dreams woud float it away

Seven lonely hours with a headache
BOOM BOOM club music on a saturday afternoon

Oh room mate i'm going to take a sledge hammer to your sterio
Please turn it OFF! Good Night

Angry day, sitting on my shoulders
shaking in my hands

Shouting in my head
expanding in my throat.

ANGRY DAY. call it pms and i'll shoot you.
Yes i am slightly annoyed.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Life is a Game of Sorts.

I have my Polaroid, sitting lonely in his case, with the last of my Film. 
My Eyes are my Camera for the Present. I see so many beautiful things that I so long to imprint on a piece of paper. 
- A tree
- My tree
- Green
- A beautiful cat Bud. 

You see Bud is not any ordinary cat. He is a black Bat Cat. Who sits on my chest when i am sick, who cuddles up to me in the mornings after his night full of night time hunting adventures. 

and back to my camera.........

I want so much to capture create and lose control with the photos i take.
I am exploding with creativity ....

i want to make pillows. Cool, bright, Green and Straps adventure pillows.
Ones with stripes, COLOURS, sea and surf. 

i want somewhere to display my Polaroids! 

i want to make postcards. Design them. 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years Resolutions.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!SO!!! This was my FIRST New Years Eve with my GREEN! Also, it happened to fall on the one week of the year where i was ladden with THE Terrible Flu of 2010 which i have dragged into the Fab-dabba-tabulous year of 2011.

There are sooo many things that have happened in 2010. SOOOO many things that i am greatful for. Grateful to The Mystical Magical Ultimate Being up in the clouds for.

1. Green, i met this Wonderful, Perfect, Funny, Georgeus, Sexy, Smart, SOUL MATE of mine!
2. Roma!!!!! ;) To the few who know.
3.Uni. This has it's good points and bad points.

But that's 2010. It's 2011 and i'm going to set myself a few goals...

1. Tell Green how much I LOVE him every single day!
2. Get healthier! Drink more water! Exercise...BLAH BLAH BLAH....
3. Try harder @ Uni.

So this is Green and Straps Randoms Truck :)
The reason i have posted this up on here is bc i love it (: And it deserves a little FAME.