Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The internet youtube guy.

He scratched his chin. But i saw no face. Just a shape against the black, no eyes to put in place.
If i could see his eyes, i would be quick to bet. he put his heart and being in to that fret.
His fingers spun music into magic.
And the magic spun its way in to my bloodstream.

The music fed my soul.

Friday, 13 November 2009

S.S.S. ~ Sensuous Soul Sex

Waited for this feeling to embrace me again.
Hoped that my senses had not dulled with time.
But love paints your world a vivid red.
Between hope and destiny a fine line.
Like waking up from a deep calm sleep.
To walk into a world so loud and sweet.
Listen to the hard beat of your soul.
Feel the sensous jolt from your head to your feet.
Breath in the sweat of your soul mates desires.
And hold on to your heart as we climb.
This ride pulls a sound from the depth of your throat.
A small short death starts time.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dedicated to rob lol

Two souls belong to one mind.
Joined with a length of thread. A thread of thought.
In sync with the sun.
Two become one. Two bodies one mind.
The melody that plays from one heart to the other.
Dances in the sun dotes forever.
A sweet love that wont burn out.
Two souls belonging to each mind.
Each hold a half, but live one being.
Together or not, but not without seeing.

and then the pigeon came with questions...

I've become a shadow in the stream of light that used to be my life.
Each path i take its seems to me's the reason behind each mistake.
When i close one door, im left in a hall with no more doors or windows.
As autumn drifts by im left in the pool of leaves .

The pond is dry, the fish are dead.
Not one listened to a word i said.

I'm swimming in the night and im blinded by the stars.
I just can't see the sun for looking, im drowning im drowning.
I see a glimpse of the world ahead but i have to pass this level first.
Too hard, too weak, to finish the hour, the day, the week.

Painted up, my eyes are empty.
It's now clear they could not see.

Crawling along, in my bubble of ink, white eyes eager with delight.
Theres a dove and its flying, its landing on my bubble.
It see's me clear, my hurt, my pain, my sins the trouble im in.
But i forgot ive have no sight, this dove i see is merely a pigeon.

Cold me, with a warm heart.
where and when did this all start?
And then the pigeon asked me why i roll alone in oil?
And then the pigeon asked me why i can't see beyond my world?
I said dear pigeon for i am in mourning, i'm mellow and meek.
I said dear pigeon i know not why, i guess its not been my week.

Monday, 9 November 2009

sweet venomous callings

The poison is seeping into my bloodstream
through my veins, it snakes its way around
breathing in my warm sweet clean blood
and excreting hate without a sound.
I open my mouth and out comes a sound
unknown to my mind it seeps from my tongue
sweet venomous callings, like a lullaby tune
waiting for a victim ready to be hung.
Hanging in my noose i'm already hung
my head lolled to the side with eyes bright with fear
my head is spinning on a poll, eyes darting quick
waiting for a warning even though i can not hear.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Note on Epiphany

I left on a rather abrupt note after Epiphany and that's because i finally found out what i needed to do to move on.
I kept a few things in a box.
I threw them away.
I moved on.
It was surprising at first because i didn't even stop to look and read them again i simply threw them into my bin.
And now i feel so light that i could float up.
well i did.

Totally bummed ):

Ding ding ding.
We have a winner.
Casper has found a new way to feel totally bummed out when she thought it was no longer possible.
New totally, fab, super duper handbag, and shes feeling happy, which is really something !!
You know that feeling when you are holding that new purchase in your hands, its yours to keep for ever and ever and you just feel like you couldnt be happier...???
... yeah well it just wore off. :\ Great times.
Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples,
They are everywhere. FB status 'so and so have just got together...' 'so and so is no longer listed as single.. UNLIKE YOU !! YOU BIG FAT LOOOOSER !!! '
yeah thanks FB you really make my day now.
Its as if all i see are couples and its driving me bonkers !!
I thought i was perfectly happy with being single. I am for heavens sake !
But come on give me a break !!!
I know i am single
I dont need it tatooed on my forehead ??
I dont need it publicaly displaced across my page.
I dont need the world to rejoice at my toatal and utter loneliness.
Well screw this boys and girls.... i am not single anymore ?!!!
Im devoting myself to God.
How d'ja like me now bitches ????

Sunday, 1 November 2009

trick or treat? Lets play.

And so i turn on to this page where i thought that feelings were true
their just muffled by the sounds i make of things i say and do.
a crazy maze and game of luck im flung into the lair
where their are no rules and in this game all and nothing is ever fair
who to trust, to put your faith where to turn you have no clue
becuase all you hear and see you'll never know if its true
this world is a vicious trap for those with bright eyes and ears
so watch and be ready to leap and attack when confronted with your fears
no one is safe no friends do you have your alone as you walk on this earth
make do with your senses you in danger till death and the game began from your birth
despair in the mind is a wicked omen where all you see is a wolf
the wolf's in my eyes not a trick of the light nothing and all is false.

Pinch punch first day of the month no returns !

Good morning, good afternoon good evening, for when ever you are reading this. I know it has been a long time since i last typed, and i have some news. Same old laugh, same old humour, same old features, brand new smile, brand new phone, and a brand new me.
Just turned 18 and have just thrown out my old heart so i have room for my new one. Yes you heard me right, i have closed that door at last and am now ready for a new adventure, new poems, new thoughts and new laughs. I went on my first legal pub/club crawl last night and would you bloody believe it i only got id-ed once ! ONCE !? what is the world coming to? So yes you would have thought oh dear i should have a head ache the size of mongolia right ? No. I feel fine which is slightly worrying.
So i guess your wondering now i have closed the old door who my next boy target is ey ? Well to tell you the truth i dont have one.. no i have many :P There is simply not enough time in the world in my teen years for me to limit myself i have just realised. No i am not a slut. I am just the biggest cock tease you will find and the biggest virgin (: Twas quite funny last night, a fight nearly broke out and to stop it i used my body and a couple of sexy moves to split it. Its great how the mans mind can only focus on one thing and love triumps always (:
New hair?? Oh yes indeed ! have shoter hair now and i have a full fringe ! Apparently it suits me so i am going to keep it ! Tell me about it ! so many changes so little time ! Its great i feel fantastic ! i feel brand new like a totally different person to the one i was 3 weeks ago. This new skin i have crawled into seems like a snug fit to me and i like it !
To wrap it up id just like to say that i say 'just' and 'lol' way to much so i am cutting down ! the new wordkins diet. And a happy all hallows eve see any ghosts and ghouls of old times past? Me neither (:

peace out punks.