Monday, 23 February 2009

Sordid tales of human nature #4 red

Little Red Riding Hood walks out alone
Out through the forest and leaving sweet home
Bound for her nana's in her home made red cloak
So she's noticable to the town folk .

Skipping along alone unaffraid
With lovely muffins her mum had just made
Dithering about in the forest she goes
dont care to notice the eyes or the nose .

Bright yellow eyes are hidden among
the burnt forest trees to prey on the young
The hunger it ripples throughout the wolfs chest
to prey on the child and get her undressed .

A leap and a bound on the child unbeknown
she falls to the ground cloak comes un sewn
it falls from her shoulders and gleams her pale skin
the wolfs eyes are hungry and feasting begins.

With a grunt and a sceam he steals her white
and soon she is limp and has nothing to fight
clutching her basket and tears down her eyes
she desperatly fleas from the thing she despise.

* * *

The police come a knocking to old mother red
to tell her her sweet little ridding hood's dead
The wolf still runs free with her cloak in a paw
On the run from justice on the run from the law.

Ice cold breath of Death .

A stab of panic through my chest
I forget the reasons i need to breath
And i focus on one i forget all the rest
I'm being chased by death.

Say that im paranoid when i say
It's waiting for me behind the door
I'm taking my life day by day
But begining to wonder what the hell its for.

The icy breath flows down my nape
The shivers rumpture along my spine
cant whats trapping my mouth like tape
What to scream to keep whats mine.

Take me, or leave me just not inbetween
I'm living a life without any mean
In limbo im waiting for my sentence
Please hurry leave me without my senses.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Step into my mind....

step in to my groove
where the music is loud
but the mood is mellow
and no sadness is aloud

Step in to my mind
let your body stay still
you soul can travel through
and party as you will

Step in to my queendom
feminisity's the key
where the girls can flance about all night
and party in the sea

step into the sea
cos that is where i'm at
i can stay there all night
thats who i am and thats that.

My sunshine is hideing.......

my sunshine is hidding under a leaf
that is orange aswell and can hide it
i'm running about round the forest to find
searching the branches
sweeping the ground
hoping ill find it if i look around

Sunshine where are you?
you brighten my day
but since you are gone
the clouds come to stay
the drift here and there
so fluffy
i sit on them
and they take me away
as the droplets roll onto my face
and then on to the people beneath me

Sunshine i know you are hidding away
but under a leaf you can not stay
out from your safe will you float to my sky
and then to the clouds can i wave goodbye
ill dance and ill laugh
and spread your sweet smiles
because summer has landed
and you'll stay for a while.

Sether your ties.

Sether your ties
dont let them hold you back
so you can realise
that it was all a waste of emotion

I'll lend a hand
so you can stand
and turn around to see
all the moments you've been unhappy

And then when your finnished
and realise
you wasted days of smiles
of laughs and happiness

So when your walking
on your feet again
catch up on all the lost
and broken glimmers

look back to learn
to grow taller
and who you will be tomorow
but stronger than today.

Colour mood chart.

I am that girl alll dressed in blue
finding it hard to get over you

I'm that girl all dressed in white
it's not as if i want to fight

And today orange i am
floating along without a plan

Come tomorow ill be green
Hoping that i will not be seen

In the future in red ill stay
soaked in anger to my dieing day.

I want to be a girl in pink
so happy that she don't have to think

But black i think is much to grim
a place i dont wan to be in

I think purple, a tad too bright
to bold that it would hurt my sight

i think i will stay in yellow
that state of mind i'll stay mellow.

Friday, 20 February 2009

when blood comes to town

I have a dream that when blood comes to town
we all will stand up and throw ourselves into the fire
into the pan like the rhyme with the fat sizzling sausages
we are the sausagaes wasting our lives away in a pan
where we wait like little sheep to be hearded on to a plate
to be cut open, for our guts to be splayed. to be eaten.
i have a dream that when blood comes to town
ill stand there in my white blooded gown
and in tot eh fire i shall jump and fry and turn and wait
for the justice
wait for the help that we so need
i want to make a stand
make people see the wrongs they are comitting
when they are just sitting
and wasting
and not tasting their lives
i have a dream that when blood comes to town
that i wont leave in the fire with yet another frown.

Let justice prevail .

can you not see
what the trouble we are in
we are living our lives
without shedding our skin
we sit here all day
with a screen by our eyes
dont ever look deep enough
to see our despise
we claim we have knowledge
that we know all the hate
but i say to all of you
its too fucking late
while on your arses
you sit all day
and waste your useless lives away
when there is work for us to do
to keep this world thats good enough for you
as good as it were when we recieved
for the youngers that
you have concieved
and think of all the hunger dieing
and all the aids and children crying
that screen you place in front of your face
has ridden emotion it has replaced
you say you dont judge
but those who cant help it
you shun them
and leave them
dont help them one bit
so next time you sit with your screen
think of the lives
you could be helping
stand up and say
or write for a cause
theres justice to win
so lets start with today.

This daisy

This daisy shall not wilt with ease
with sunshine, rain and will survive
raise her face towards the sun
wont cower beneath the trees and hide.

This daisy you should know is strong
faith and power to live tall
she'll conquor all her demons through
and grow even if not so tall.

Her stem is short near to the ground
she's got a goal won't move her sight
with affection she'll try her best
to act on goodness and what is right.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Make a riot.

The mighty roar of the salt sea lion.
Will echo in my ears for hours.
The yellow grains that i would lie on.
Or the freen green grass with flowers.
As i sit on the floating cloud.
Look down on the wonders we over see.
We're either too blind to see or too loud.
To notice the trouble far out to sea.
We already know and can see them cry.
The ice caps are shrinking before our eyes.
Yet we all stand and say we're fine.
But we know the truth and to it we despise.
Why do we cower when told to sit down.
Why to we silence when told to be quiet.
We have voices, should spread through the town.
To the world, make a stand make a riot.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

the soul dweller.

Whats in my soul beneath the skin
that dwells in darkness deep within
it yearns for sunlight on the surface
awaits its time takes its own pace
until it rises and takes control
i myself can never be whole
but when it does i'll fly up high
and take my heart, float to the sky
me my soul and i with heart
my eyes flick open with a start
can i be sure that i will live
in peace with love that'll never give
there i'll be, i'll live in peace
where all the fighting will finally cease
in peace i'll lie in bed at night
my eyes wide open till first light.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

ill give my self up., theres no more i can do.

who was i kidding
here i am slipping
all the way back
its a one way track
the low hard beat
silent steps like your feet
walk along the contours
slamming all the doors
ripping up the floors
its out of my hand
its up to the band
who play the sounds of my heart.
plan each stab from the start
who could i fool
my hearts just a tool
i lied to myself
shoved my soul on the shelf
thought i could live life like a shell
so no one heard when i would yell
so that was all that i could sell
now i know
to myself i owe
i cant keep running
from all im shunning
ill give myself up
to save my soul
ill give myself up
to keep myself whole.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Like a balloon on a string
i float along happily
through the clouds

i drift through
and leave with droplets
rolling down my surface

my air slowly seeps through
i am sinking
and graze the floor

With my nose in the dirt
my legs in the air
a fire beneath me

life as a balloon
floating with no cares
is harder than first it seems

Sunday, 8 February 2009

is there any point for me ?

is there any point for me
to keep on runing
to keep this shield i hide behind
is there any need for me
to stand here smiling
is it really necessary
for me to keep on fighting back
to stop the blackness
from callapsing on me
if i didnt would their be
to notice me
or my absence
is there any point for me
to keep this game
runing smoothly
is there any point for me.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Get back on that horse.

Hey i've got that rush again
i may be loud and not care what they think
but really inside i wish them to like me
i wish to fit in even though i stick out

i dress rather oddly and voice my opinions
but hey ive got that rush again
so i say i dont care what they may think
ill live my life and they'll live theirs

i grab attention and force it upon others
i try for their smiles and try for a laugh
but hey ive got that rush again
and in the end it'll just not matter

i say him smile and thought oh wow
i see his looks ive got my sight
jelly belly in my welly
hey ive got that rush again.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Sordid tales of human nature; #3 'snow white'

With seven men she cooks and cleans
and does odd jobs to help them out
she gets her scores through other means
through this and that without a doubt
but still to others shes good as gold
don't see her problems with addiction
she never does as she is told
to go cold turkey but there is friction
with seven men as small as i
she pleases them in seven beds
on her back and there she'll lie
but looks past them over their heads
she doesnt care as long as she
gets all the things to keep her high
she'll rump and roll for a guarantee
the drugs'll come till she does die
snow white so pure but eyes so wide
she takes her hits each with great pride
she feels so happy feels she could fly
feels shes strong wont ever die
until one day that finnal rush
comes sweeping for her final hush
and in that coffin made from glass
prince charming sees his look of last
that sweet apple that she did eat
was too much she lost her heat
and here she lays cold turkey dead
he gives her one kiss on the head
awaiting for her eyes to flicker
eight men standing ther just for her
but she does not and lays there still
proving the fact that DRUGS CAN KILL.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The race. Of Life. Of Sex.

Why the rush? Why such a pace?
I see no need for this on going race.
To loose this virture, oh what a waste.

I'm like the tortoise, i'll take it slow
Into these areas that i don't know
And if i dont want, i just won't go.

I have a mind, i'll use it wise.
Not over-ruled by pushy guy's
I'll think it out before breaking ties.

My first time, i want it there
Beside my good memories fair
I wont flinch when i remember
The firery passion behind the ember.

Snowflake's flee

My mind like ice, frozen on that thought,
That seen so still, it seemed unreal.
I walk despite my broken limbs
Its beauty stunned, sanity shunned.
I'm overcome, the white so grand
The way it sung, like it's just begun.
And as i walk, with snowflakes drifting
Floating on my nose, and this feeling grows.
The snow seen, spread across the distance
Just like magic you just cant grab it .
I reached out, for it to melt in my hand.
Each gloved finger doessnt let it linger.
Snowflake snowflake for goodness sake
Just stay still, stay for a while
Come settle with me, please dont flee.

Take the hit.

To take the hit, and feel the surge
To feel the rush and release of the urge
I understand the need to score
To take that cut behind that door.
But you can stop, can walk away
with help from friends keep them at bay.
Cast the shadows from your life
Take the plunge in your stife
I hear its hard, but i dont know
All i can do is help you grow.
Help you walk and learn to live
Without the horrors that drugs can give.

New Begining's.

The wrath of coldness warms my blood
To hear it pulse to hear it thud.
I shiver as it makes me bold
I feel the strength of its new hold.
With this feeling comes great power
With all the sadness it does devour.
I stand up taller than the rest
Ironic that i am the shortest.
But i see over all the crowds
'Cos im up here floating in the clouds.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


This sadness that controled my mind
is slowly melting like the snow
and warming is my once cold heart
showing me all i want to know
This feeling thats erupting
started interupting
all at once im shaking
and past feelings all are breaking
its clearer now i see the light
the angers gone dont want to fight
the taste is sweet
the sounds are clear
im in the moment
i have no fear
the tingles bubble beneath my skin
the magic flints from deep within
and all at once i start vibrating
and love this feeling


All i really need right now
the harsh wind howling in my ears
The motion of flying through the years
All i need is speed.

First gear thrid gear fourth gear fifth
Augmentate, eliviate
Faster and faster drive out the hate
Hear the engine purr in my ear.

Me and Austin matin Vanquish
Leather seats beaneath my jeans
Black converse trainers all my means
Hopeing with the speed i'd vanish.

Monday, 2 February 2009

lies, dirt and breath.

Sending tingles down my spine
i look 'twards the sky
i bow my head down
and plead with the ground
if i cannot float upstream with the clouds
please open beneath me and swallow me whole

With my hands by my ears
and my eyelids shut tight
i hold my breath and wait for the dawn
my nails dig deeper into my palms
im kicking and screaming
like a child in pain

sometimes i wonder
if im traveling backwards
ready to greet my birth and death

will i see before my eyes
my life i lived with every breath
hold me now forever hold my peace

breathless i stumble
and fall to my knees
where the dirt in my mouth wont wash away my sins
i crawl through the mud
my blood trails behind
and out from my mouth flows my soul with its own mind.

sordid tales of human adventures. #2

my brittle words hang in the air like icicles or stalagtights
your deep dark eyes they pierce a hole through my dreams
and watch me fall.
a never ending never fading fall i loose the time
i feel im chasing my own fate through doors im just to big
although the fact that i cant reach the key for my desires
like brittle words my brittle tears come a sweeping
with my weeping
and through this wood i stand transfixed i see the signs
without a destination fails
the army of clones paint my face and leave me in a game of cards
of luck

. . .

a flicker of light my own eyes open
to the burning rays of sun
as if i sleept through dreams so prominant
i turn around to see my future
almost ready to eat me whole
swallow me
encapsulate me
envelope me in the darkness they call fear
for me the fear parrelle to death
an adventure i await to see
that feeling of mortal loneliness
can stab with the dagger of sordid tales of human adventures.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


the human race
a whole load of nonscence
drugs and abuse,
the male species
a bucket full of shit
lies and deceit,
too dumb to see
that it means nothing
kiss her then flee.


the angers rippling through my veins
finding it hard to pull on the reins
that will stop my surge that craves your blood
the hunger for pain as dirty as mud

i want to see that look in your eyes
not the tender look i now despise
a look of horror of hurt and pain
that once i beared each time it rained

this low call thumping through my self
mimics the sound my heart entails
and shows im lost no use for help
this body is limp and dead entrails

the inner stength i craved before
now surging my blood with an almighty roar
i want to test it see its power
like the petals i ripped off of a flower

crave your blood
crave your pain
see the horror
drive you insane

like it once was
for me to live
with out your hand
you used to give