Saturday, 29 November 2008


Cold hands placed on my cold heart to hold the broken pieces together.
Head hung in shame to face my feet, the heaviness in place forever.
Lost in my own mind, searching for the hunger feeding of my soul.
Burrying my warmth in the back on my mind to keep me from whole.
A voice like honey melts in my ears, tempting and calling me out.
It wraps around my soul and tugs for realeas till i shout.
"NO! not anymore can i take this helplessness you surround me."
I couldnt stop myself when i thought of you and what i want to be.
"i hate this i hate this, with God as my witness"
Ill scream but i really mean take me away with your hands so warm around my heart.

Friday, 28 November 2008

New days

I wake up and smell the sweet scent of solitude. Lonliness encapsulating my emotions in one single gulp. I lift my heavy head full of thoughts, swimming about their usual speed of 100mph. And i realise i am in a classroom where i'm standing at the front, fully clothed waist down.
I've noted i'm alright with this, but what i'm not alright with, is the fact that i am alright with it. Yousee what i mean? No you dont. Of corse you dont. Because in my head there is only one thought that makes sense and that is the crazy woman shouting at the top of her lungs, wanting to break free of this curse of solitude.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sordid fairytales of human nature and modern times .


Locked in the tower with super long hair
rupunzel did dither about in despair
the circular walls were closing her in
and the lights where fading and starting to dim
the voices were chatting about in her head
but one in particular caused the brief dread
he shouted with clarity pulsing her vein
till she did realise he stood in the rain
outside he was waiting to climb her sweet locks
to peel of her stockings and rip of her frocks
sauntering by to the window did she
and whipped out her hair to climb like a tree
a fireman in red but a hero in black
dressed in white from front to back
his pecks petruding his bisceps lean
his buttocks round and his glare was mean
sweeping her up in one swift arm
carfull to keep her far from harm
the bed 4 posters inviting in
she gazed in his eyes with a playful grin
the moon soon came up to watch the show
her pale skin brushed his skin like snow
extacy brimmed and delight soon followed
the bodies entwinned 'bout to explode
his shirt all white with his smell it lingered
she put it on her face all flustered
a kiss onthe forehead a hand on his chest
rupunzel took time to lay down to rest
as early as birds the sun up and shinning
the bed was empty with out its linning
he'd taken the sheet to climb back down
and left her asleep not making a sound
a single tear she let fall for him
and soon were the lights beginning to dim.

ululating birds and bees.

it wallows aound my bare neck, it wraps my body and sweeps me into the void where i cant breath. your presence like the cold lets my hair stand up on end without a purpose but sstill it feels the need to let me know your the one, standing there looking in to my soul.

The warth that you bring lets the cold escape from my body and leaves me hanging in the eternity of your life. If i wanted i couldnt but i dont so it doesnt matter much anyway. for thou has thyne chest in a hold for the years to follow.

I would give thy a rose for all the smiles i let escape from thyn mouth but i would not want to dry the gardens of eden that you love so much. the birds and the bees all listen to your honey combed voice and ululate along.

Any need ? *Cabbage

Egg. A familiar sense of foreboding swept across her today. Wondering the deserted beaches jammed with bodies, but still alone in the desolate shell. All she needed was that smile, to hear that smooth erotic voice, that look, that touch to make her day. But no. Egg. In the same place she was before, on the same coast with another vegetable. This time is Coliflower her *Cabbage?? She thinks so.
That brush of his hand will sweep 'coss my cheek
to wipe past the tears of departure
and the vexation that bubbles from the deep of my soul
will show me my possible future
that coli for sure is my cabbage i know
and his grasp i will wait in the sun or the snow
he cant assume i will wait here for ever
but i know i would if we would be together.
*Cabbage = an Edward. True love. Can't live without. Separation brings longing and pain in the abdomen.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Break the mould??

The little white Egg sitting up in her tree, could see the world for miles, see all she would ever see. In a world like Egg's, your captivated, your trapped with the anchovies, unless you break free. You must crack the linning, break the mould and see for yourself if theres more to the world. If i was Egg, i'd know just what to do, i would call up my couliflower and Nit and Flea, to see if they wanted to come and join me. We would bring the sunshine and sea in a cup so that whereever we went, we knew we were home. From west coast to East coast the trek it is long, but the company we would share would be better than alone.

I am Egg. Or an Egg of sorts, we share the same interests and live the same life. So maybe i am Egg. Will i ever break my mould?

With my hand holding his
and his holding mine
we walk through the pannels
that each divid time
i'm looking at mirrors
where the walls are all black
and i see what i've done
dont want to look back
i shiver and see
im cold and alone
and the hand i was holding
ive noticed is gone
the cold comes a sweeping
my hair whips my face
i feel that im weeping
look down in disgrace
Egg he would call
looking up with glee
to see his brown eyes
searching for me
i'm lost in the void
where the walls are all black
but with the touch off his hand
i am brought back

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A story about the Egg who writes here....

There once lived a lonely little egg, on the south side of the coast line. Surrounded by achovies living happy content little lives. Little lonely egg was not happy with her life. Egg wanted to live life to the full. With love and excitement, with her fellow chums the Flea and the Nit. But her heart reamined With the Coliflower. The Coliflower. Egg's true love on the east side of the coast. Such big dreams for such a little Egg.

i smile and i bite. i crash and try harder. i give it all to be better, go bigger and laugh more. how about you come take a ride with her and lets share the laughs.

Like sugar on a candy cane
summer is resting on my skin
Slightly salty like the ocean breeze
beaten down like a pebble sleeping on the beach
its on my nose, in my hands
on my lips, on my mind
seven years no autumn in sight
no leaves fall, tangle in my hair
no forest of Z's asleep under leaves
just the silent humming buzz of bees
the wind it blows to knock me down
but i stay on the ground look up to the sky
the trees have clothes amid the drifting clouds
laughter so young float along the humid
low and mature surf fresh greens
life as a butterfly
seeing people walk on by
life as a big old oak tree
letting random's come and lean on me
brace the joyous sunshine of life
dance in the element of surprise
hand in hand with your soul
fresh, bright eyes lined up with yours
feel it in your hair
fly with your heart and peaceful
summer pris-temps

bikini bottoms and a plait in her hair.

The his-happenings :

Blog : I shall be using this as an online diary, so you will hear/read my day to day events, if you are a guy you will soon learn to understand that you will never understand the wokings of a girls mind and if you know me then please dont read, or if you do please dont show this =]

Me : Well i am the not so average teenage girl. i am .. well. lets just say im not right in the head. I like to stand out and be noticed and i HATE being copied. I love the sea. My love. I have some great true friends and i have some not so true friends. Grow to like me or try. =]

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