Life in Pictures.......

There are so many people in my life that i am grateful for knowing. Right now, after a talk on the smellephone with my BoyToy Chunk of Slam Dunk Hunk of a Green Man, all i am thinking of is Green. Most of you who have read my blog will have read of him. Want a face to place with that muuuush?????

Yes so this is my Perfect Boyfriend!!! Pulling his 'face' :) We've been together for 8 months now (:

Next up is One of my best friend-ies (: Oli the olive Olivia (: Chica from Espana !!! She beautiful and lovely and i wouldn't want her any other way! Can't wait to see her again! And best news is she may be coming over to stay for Christmas !!! YOWZAH!!!!!

Lamb, the sistah, from another mothah, who i love and argue with and adore. Here we are young-uns (:
in....a..bucket :| cute we are though !!

 There is no-one that can make me laugh as much as this girl can! Steffy - Nee nor - Nia!! The Latino chica!! I love this girl so much !!! And miss her too ):

Below is the SWEETEST THING ;) Jasmin my little cousin!! With a heart of gold
so many happy Jas and Cas sleepovers. No matter what goes on in the family, we still have our friendship.

April, Steffy and Cas. Three amigas!!! sTupid and silly, spreading joy in the library with our best friend Hungarian Librarian ;) CONDOM!!!!!

To Be Continued...