Friday, 3 February 2012

End of an Era.

I'm just longing to call you up and tell you that i love you.
I miss those morning texts with the 'Tq's at the end.
I miss the man that called me Straps and i called Green.
I wish that there were time machines, so i could go back.
What i would do, i don't know, anything to take this pain away.
Looking back at all my laughter and smiles.
Where are you now? Do you even remember me?
Do you think of our time and feel relieved that its gone.
No more evidence for you to see. But it's just left on me.
Like a scar  that keeps tearing away.
Why did i fall so hard? I just wish that i could forget it all.
So i don't still love you, so i don't miss you. So i don't wonder what if.

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