Tuesday, 27 July 2010


WHEN . . . .

When we talk,
When we laugh,
When we kiss,
When we walk,
When we joke,
When we dance,
When we lay,
When we sing,
When we hug,
When we hold hands,
When we run,
When we touch ............

.......I feel so wide eyed when i am with you. Your like the world, something new and interesting everytime i see and speak to you. I find a little bit more of paradice when i look at you.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sometimes i really hate being a girl, I'm sitting here crying over something stupid as hell! I don't want to be sad and i can't help it. I am mad that i have become so attached to him. How could i have let myself do this? Because now i knwo that when we break up i'm going to be so much worse than before. I don;t want to go back there. I don't. It hurts to remember the shadow i had become. And here i am crying because my hormones are bouncing all over the place. The truth? I want to see him. And i can't. We had plans for 2 nights together and to spend sunday together. But now they have all fallen through and i won't get to see him for another week ): I hate being a girl .....

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I am a bird with a mended wing
look at me fly, listen to me sing.
I am a blade of fresh green grass
waving in the breeze of summers last.
Riding on the wind, swimming in the sun
dancing in the rain and in the snow have fun.
Living in the sea, Laughing in the sand
With a guitar make a summer break band.
Linking our fingers, combining our souls
connecting our eyes as my heart becomes whole.
Sinking in love, let it cover me in flowers
I could live in your arms forever could be ours.
Humming-birds beat for my heart inside
when i see your name or i hear your voice
Every time you smile and if its for me
I quiver and shake, i smile i've no choice
You gave me your heart, in mine i will guard
I give you my dreams for now i dont need
them, you are the one that i longed came true
a fire so white 'cos red is for lust
the flames that dance could dance on the sea
because together we are much stronger
no red could suffice when you are with me
you are tall and you guard, you are my Tree
for you im not longer affraid to be me.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


LOVE . . .
When you look at me i feel like everything else is a blur
-like everything else is a distraction because your my attraction.
When you smile the world fails to be as beautiful or perfect
-even if it's not at me but when it is i'm free.
When you laugh the humming-bird caged in my chest takes flight
-it soars and multiplies all around my body when it flies.
When you touch me i feel like i am falling
-there is no adrenalin rush quite as complex, don't even wonder what happens next.

But when you tell me that you love me,
-it feels like a thousand fireflies race to my skin and set my soul alight,
-because nothing could compare to that night.
But when you tell me that you love me,
-it feels like i've died and im in that state of complete peace
-where all my worries compel to cease.
But when you tell me that you love me,
-i am whole.
GREEN . . . .
Dearest Green,

I was lying in the DESERT, waiting for death. I had no hope, i had nothing. But you drove me to safty and i am in my own OASIS when you take me in your arms. I am no longer empty, you fill me with happiness that no other drug could intoxicate me with. You saved me from a life of walking where with you i can fly. I am not bound, i am free, i am not lost but am searching, searching for new ways to make you smile. You smile. Nothing in this world can compare to your smile. It's like my very own happiness trapped in your lips because with that twitch of your lips any sadness vanishes in a puff of smoke and i can't think of anything but of how lucky i am that you, fell out of the sky, buzz-ed your little sexy toosh into a hibiscus and believed in me.

LOVE Casper xoxo

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Red lips. Sun dyed beach blonde hair. Coral romance chipped nails. Ripped jeans. Tinkerbell fat socks. Jock top and ratty converse sneakers. Hhaaah! who am i kidding? I'm English and proud Shit faces! It's trainers! Not sneakers mofo's!!!!
Those darn Americano's have such na comercial view on us Brits! We don't drink tea time! [Well quite alot i admit. Nothihng like a cuppah to calm the shaky nerves, or to comfort or just to relax with (: ]
We don't all talk like the Swan lovin' Queen 'i do believe that it is true. But i wish it wasn't so! One must call that a joke.' or like the east LANDAN boy boys. 'Innit brav? Nah mate nah!!!! You avin' a bubble?'
Nothing can stop our little British hearts from having a BBQ, we are teflon strong and a little rain won't stop us. Not at all (: Who says you can't have a little fun without the sun? 'I'M GONNA LEAVE THE DAY BEHIND, I'M GONNA HAVE A REAL GOOD TIME'
It's been real good seeing my little love peanut! i haven't seen her in so long it feels! Love peanut and i have been together basically 24/7 at school because we were in the same classes and we just shared soooo many laughs. Uni wont be the same without love peanut :\