Thursday, 27 January 2011

Life is a Game of Sorts.

I have my Polaroid, sitting lonely in his case, with the last of my Film. 
My Eyes are my Camera for the Present. I see so many beautiful things that I so long to imprint on a piece of paper. 
- A tree
- My tree
- Green
- A beautiful cat Bud. 

You see Bud is not any ordinary cat. He is a black Bat Cat. Who sits on my chest when i am sick, who cuddles up to me in the mornings after his night full of night time hunting adventures. 

and back to my camera.........

I want so much to capture create and lose control with the photos i take.
I am exploding with creativity ....

i want to make pillows. Cool, bright, Green and Straps adventure pillows.
Ones with stripes, COLOURS, sea and surf. 

i want somewhere to display my Polaroids! 

i want to make postcards. Design them. 

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