Wednesday, 3 November 2010

a lone wanderer

Feeling lonely, dont know what to do
im just sat here, thinking of you.
no friends, no hugs just pictures to hold
whilst im sat in my room shivering cold.
my throat is closing i just want my friends
but they've all moved on they're now dead ends
my eyelashes are salty my cheeks are now wet
what ive tried to begin, now i jsut want to forget.
A degree a degree, o is it for me?
im doubting this move and im doubting me.
there's a pain in my chest, revealing that
im on my own even in my flat.
Who will hear my silent pleas
that i whisper to the wind
only he who listens,sees
and they're all deaf.
I dont want to be here not now, not alone
im even thinking of returning to home.

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