Saturday, 18 December 2010

snow Snow SNOW!!!!!!

What i love about this time of year is when it snows in perfect time for Christmas!!!! 
Snow falling down in sheets! It's like a blizzerd out there!
However it stopped me from seeing Green ): BOO!!!!!
This is a picture of the path back up in Farnham. (where i currently go to uni).
That was the last time it snowed. However in Luton, back home it is FAR FAR worse!!!!
The whole country is in stand still!!!!
Cars abandoned! Roads not Gritted!!
And a Straps missing her Green ):

This is a Cat. A cat up in Farnham. It is the fluffiest cat i have ever met. Friendly too! I stroked it and he loves me (:

However there is another cat in my life. The one that has turned me into a cat person! BUD. BUDLEY. MR BUD. (: Greens' cat is the sweetest funniest cat EVER!! I love when he jiust sits on my lap (bud this is haha) whilst we watch Green playing his xbox (:

Since when did i like cats though??? How could he change me?! How can this little black cat make me excited about getting a cat of my own with Green when we move in together (:

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