Monday, 20 December 2010

lets try this again!


So here i am, yet again, on the sofa with my laptop resting neatly on my knee. Word is open with the Doc. Essay open and limply looking bare. Only 100 or so words. How unimpressibly boring! I am meant to write about how our blooming society has led to the rise in leisure activities. And right now all i can think about is the snow outside. How much i wish i could ski/snowboard my way over to see Greeen.  ): haha

Essay. You're going down. I am goign to write at least 300 words tonight. And you Mr Essay are really getting on my nerves. I must, oh i really must get on with writing you, but im finding it really heartbreaking whilst re reading you and you just don't cut the mustard!!! ):

300 words along and i'm feeling a little better. Still, though, am trying to find some distractions. Facebook, boyfriend, ... :) only 300 more really to do tonight and i will be back on target!

I;m affraid ive given up on 316 :| oh dear oh dear!!!

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