Thursday, 23 December 2010


I wake up with the sun on my face, its shinning through the window and warming my cheek. I wiggle my fingers and i wiggle my toes but they graze something warm. Slowly i peel one eye open and then move on to the other, turning my head slightly to my right. There laying beside me, his brown disheveled hair lightly touching the pillow is Green. The sun is shinning on his face too as he smiles to the sun welcoming her morning rays. I close my eyes again and take note of what i can hear, near i hear Green's breathing, steady as a beating drum, outside i hear the birds cawing and circling, outside i hear the sea lapping the sand.

I wrote this a while ago. And i still fantasize throughout the days, of this. Im still with Green, he is A-MAZING. I am so happy. He makes me feel like the sun is always beaming on my face.

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