Thursday, 23 December 2010

My heart is crying


I may sound a lot like Shakespeare or Blake but i don't care. You don't have to read this.

When the snow is falling and it looks like a Dream
When you want to go out and play in the Cold
But when you are parted from the other part of your soul
The Cold creeps in and cripples your laughter.
At this time of Spirit, the sparkle and happiness
A time for family and friends, LOVE and warmth
A separation of my LOVE is a separation of my Breath
I wish for one gift, the gift of my Green, my soul mate.
Wrapping me in tinsel, stick a bow on my head
pour eggnog down my throat make me play family games
This Christmas i am sad and theres no time for joy
I long for my heart to reunite with it's best half.
Right now for it's loneliness, my Heart is crying
But if you see me with a smile before then, you'll know its lieing.

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