Saturday, 18 December 2010


I am a love warrior from the past, present and future . . .

I, Jah-love-Blonde-Indian-Straps, am in severe love with a man named David Green. Never have i felt so strongly. He makes life lonely when his arms aren't around me. I feel strong and confident, like i can do anything. I don't feel like rushing the time away, even though i'm mega super excited for our future. I thought that through coming home, i would feel less lonely but i have realised that its not THIS home that i am missing. It's the home that i find in his kisses.
He has the power in his words to break me, take me and raise me into the heavens. I think back to the times when we were just starting out and i smile. How could we be so cute? We were adorable.
And when we have the confidence to talk about our future together i know that the Future is REAL. It's there. It's in his words. In our hands. In our breath.

I have nightmares at night about him though. And whilst writing this, i realise why. Why do i suffer from these horrible night dreams when we are so secure, so in love, so loving? It's because i am so scared of loosing him. I know that he loves me as much as i love him and that's a right damn lot i'll tell you that! I am just so fearful of loosing him in my life that i have night mares!

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