Sunday, 19 December 2010

Essay writing . . .


So i'm sitting on my couch, with my laptop perfectly resting on my lap. Word, facebook, blogger and wikipeidia are the windows open and word is unfortunatly the least used.
I have devised a clever plan to write so many words on which ever day it is. My target for today was 400 words. I currently have 117 and this is after a good few hours. Im exhausted. And so tempted to give up. BUT I WONT! i will not give in to the little girl in red on my shoulder pursuading me to flip on Love Actually and lie in bed talking to Green. I must, i must do my 400 words!
But here i am, procrastinating, writing a blog to amuse myself. I don't kid myself that many people will read this. Or any at all for that matter. But i like writing and i wont stop.
My dad is currently scooping Flake ice-cream into a bowl and i have a feeling that once i put my laptop down to eat, that i wont pick it up again!
So i ate the flake. The ice-cream was awful. ):
Anyway back to the dreaded Essay!
Wish me luck fellow bloggers!!

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