Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Dragon.


So, Mother. Here are a few reasons i don't like you..

- You're a Bully. You pick on Dad, you just won't leave him be. You're constantly having a go at him, be it about the way he eats o the way he dresses.

- You're a Bitch. You constantly bitch about Grandma and Grandad in front of Dad. You never show me any affection unless there are people to take note of it around us.

- You're a hypocrite. You say that i'm a slag/slapper/slut. However i do believe that I have been with Green, MY BOYFRIEND, for almost a year now. Who got married only 6 months of meeting a guy and then got herself pregnant? YOU. Most girls talk to their mothers. You don't even know that i've been on the injection for 6 months. I wouldn't feel comfortable talking to you about that.

- You make my skin crawl. You say i constantly lie. Even when it is proven that i am right. Dad doesn't even stick up for me, even when he knows that i am right and you are wrong. And if he does. You then have a go at HIM!

- You're constantly there to make a show of everything. You 'Apparently' have a sore back. I would show more sympathy maybe if you showed a little sympathy towards me. You're making a show of picking something up. Maybe if you said thankyou once in a while or took note of anything i done instead of pointing out the things that you told me to do. I would help you. If i liked you. But i'm affraid that it's too late.

- You are always there to ruin a good day. You seem to always pop up when i am having a good day and ruin it. The day that Green said that he loved me. You found an excuse to have a massive argument and make me realise that i want to move out as soon as possible. Thats why i went to uni. You know that you made me go. I wanted to take a year out. You wouldn't let me. And even at uni, i have to lie. I can't tell you that i see Green every weekend because you will then guilt me. I get scared when my phone calls. Bc so many times it has been you, makibg sure i am where i said that i am. I never am.

You see, this is only a little list of why i don't like you. You will never read this. And i don't care. I just want to move away from you. Only come back when i have to. Or to see the family that i actually like.

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